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Jacob Jonas the Company wants to activate LA by transforming non-traditional spaces into open-air stages for his energetic and characteristic dance style that mixes contemporary ballet with breakdance and acrobatic movement.

From Friday October 22 to Sunday October 24, he invites the public to enter the elevator of ROW DTLA, 777 S. Alameda Street in DTLA, and to go to the roof, where he will present “Juxtapose”, choreographed by Jacob Jonas with live music composed by Anibal Sandoval.

As part of Active LA, this is a partnership between Jacob Jonas the Company and the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

Rooftop campus

Thanks to the Arts District rooftop campus, Jonas will use the panoramic views of the neighborhood as a backdrop for the dance, which he describes as a study of the human body, architecture and design of the human form.

“It’s about thinking about the rounded, arched and contracted spine,” Jonas said.

“It’s thinking about different physical positions. It doesn’t really follow a narrative. It’s really thinking about earth, wind, fire, water, and the different elements and how those elements can inspire and inform physical movement.

Jonas describes Sandoval as an experimental musician who uses synthesizers and technology to create the score. He will interpret it live using electronic instruments.

“The score is really more of a response to movement,” Jonas said. “The dance does not go to the music, but it coexists with it. This is the best way to describe it.

Jonas has said, in a way, that he choreographs “Juxtapose” as well as the audience, depending on how the lighting and music surrounds them.

“It’s exciting to see how they react on the job and how their psychology interacts with the composition,” Jonas said. “The guests will arrive in a sort of unknown on how to interpret work and will go on a journey of different emotions.”

By accommodating it outdoors, guests can feel safe and breathe fresh air. Jacob Jonas the Company has teamed up with Rappahannock Oyster Bar and Pikunico to provide special dinner menus before the DTLA show.

Jonas founded the dance company in 2014 when he was 21 and wanted to tell his own story. He was born and raised in Los Angeles.

“This city taught me growing up to find dancing and to be around the ocean, the desert and the mountains,” Jonas said. “There were few others who combined styles and told stories the way I wanted.”

Premiere of “Juxtapose” with Jacob Jonas the Company

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. from Friday Oct. 22 to Sunday Oct. 24.

OR: Roof of ROW DTLA, 777 S. Alameda Street

COST: $ 35


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